Iranian War or Moon Base?

It the Trump administration decides to launch a tactical military strike on Iran for developing nuclear weapons, supporting terrorism and threatening Israel the cost may be rather high. N.A.S.A. reportedly requires 24 billion dollars to return Americans to the moon by 2024 and just a little high-tech conflict can be expensive.

President Obama’s war on Libya- kind of a kinetic, stand-off affair, cost $2 billion dollars per day one source said.

Another source CNN – reported the war to oust the legal dictator of Libya cost about $2 billion altogether. Another report said the Iraq war and its peak cost about 3 billion dollars per week.

Iran has many good people. While the Republican Guards are fanatics, there are still a lot of good Iranian people. A war with Iran comparable to the Libyan venture should have modest goals of destroying the nuclear bomb building infrastructure, taking out the leadership of the military and government, and decimating the military aircraft vehicles and so forth after taking out air defense.

There isn’t much of a need to occupy Iran. In fact the lesson Iran can learn from the policy interdiction can be that the military medicine might be repeated as needed if corrections are not made.

The entire potential conflict harms the N.A.S.A. lunar exploration budget and billions already are being borrowed from foreign governments to finance the federal budget deficit.





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