President Trump; America’s Peace Monger

Iran has radical leadership. That leadership sponsors terrorism. It has worked relentlessly to develop nuclear weapons; and it is anti-Israel. Iranian leaders have said they would destroy Israel.

President Clinton allowed North Korea to develop nuclear weapons. President Obama created a structure for Iran to perfectly develop nuclear weapons and missiles over a fifteen year parameter. Iran and North Korea have worked together to develop nuclear weapons and missiles. The world is not a safer place with more nations with nuclear weapons.

President Trump appears to be a peace monger; he hasn’t started a war during his first term of office so far. President Obama helped develop a host of wars across North Africa and the Middle East as well as unstable governments.

With the War Powers Resolution of 1973 any U.S. President has 60 days of executive authority to wage a war he believes is requisite to secure U.S. security. A President with a quality military that cannot win a conflict against a nation such as Iran- not for occupation purposes- in fewer than two weeks is a bureaucratic loser and should be replaced if the nation wants a military leader. Allowing Iran to develop nuclear weapons is a very bad idea. The President may need to use nuclear bunker busting tiny-bombs to destroy Iran’s enrichment facilities that are accelerating enrichment for bomb making.

When President Trump said recently that the Iranian conflict is a minor issue the Iranian government followed that up by shooting done a U.S. drone aircraft. Iranians attack when they perceive weakness; the propaganda value to Iran might be substantive. The President hasn’t even order the Air Force to destroy a few dozen Iranian aircraft, tanks and anti-aircraft devices in retaliation; peace monger.





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