Reparations; Good Topic for Democrat’s to Play Race Card

The reparations debate sponsored  by the Democrat Party is an excellent way to play the race card for the 2020 election. Motivating the black base to get out and vote for reparations and to get rid of the white man from Congress is a solid Democrat party tactic.

There are 37 million non-Hispanic blacks in the U.S.A.  If each were given just $20,000 that would add up to 740 billion dollars.

In order to make sure that all of the blacks given the reparation were descendants of slaves owned in the confederate states all American blacks would need to have a genetic test. The genetic record would need to verify that each black was legitimately eligible for a reparation to restore his or her standard of living to that such as he or she would have had if their ancestor had not been captured and sent in to slavery and instead had remained in Africa.

A census would need to be made to determine how many people living in the United States are U.S. citizens and if they are black and if they have ancestors that were slaves in the Confederate states in order to prepare a tax increase especially to pay for the reparation. Without a tax increase three quarters of a trillion dollars would need to be added to the U.S. public debt and the interest payments alone would add tens of trillions more.

A special reparations tax increase of 90% on the most rich for just a few years would be able to finance the reparation. Maybe blacks should have a minimum threshold of genetic material inherited from an ancestor that was a slave to qualify for the reparation as Indian tribes sometimes have in order to qualify as a member of the tribe- perhaps 25% or more, otherwise white people with 5% or 1% genetic material from slaves will qualify for the reparation too driving up the number of claimants for reparation.





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