The US Economy is Better Now

The economy is much better than it was three years or four years ago. The nation is in the midst of a continuing expansion- one of the longest periods without a recession in U.S. history. Public debt is great, yet some economists dismiss that. Others regard it as threatening.

The $22 Trillion U.S. Debt: Which President Contributed the Most

Bureau of Labor Statistics Data U.S. Unemployment Rate…

President Trump is reducing the rate of growth of the annual federal budget debt. Not enough of course. Public debt as a percent of the national income should be less than 40%. President Obama saw the debt percent rise from 62% in 2008 to more than 100% before leaving office. Presently it is around 104%.

See How the U.S. Debt Tripled Since 9/11

People have confidence in President Trumps economic capacity to lead in national economic policy so far as the executive branch can. The marginal unemployment rate of 3.6% is good for those that have most difficulty finding work. Even so there are numerous social challenges for the poor that exist structurally. Neither party is competent to repair that.

In addition to public debt there is the problem of the non-sustainable basis of the economy that continues to adversely exploit the ecosphere of the nation. Neither party understands ecological economics yet.

Another concern is the tremendous concentration of wealth that has developed in the nation since 1990. Wealth is as concentrated as it was in the Gilded Age at the start of the 20th century.

People are concerned that a Democrat President would run up the public debt even more and perhaps overload the system with trillions of dollars of additional borrowing to pay for medicare for everyone and so forth. Democrats may finally collapse the economy at least to the point of recession.





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