US Is Equal to Uganda and Turkmenistan in Wealth Concentration

The state of capitalism in the United States- the growing inequality in the distribution of wealth that has brought the United States down to the level of Uganda, Haiti and Turkmenistan ( Gini coefficient – Wikipedia ) Countries ranked by GINI index (World Bank estimate). The shape of an economy always affects social conditions. The political economy of global plutocrats is different from a rural agrarian society for instance as the United States largely was before the end of the civil war (though urban manufacture continued to grow quickly). The Development of the Industrial United States (1870-1900)

The evolution of American capitalism following the end of the cold war and the end of Roosevelt-era high taxes on the rich, along with government debt of vast size has definitely changed the political economy. Both parties support corporatism and elements of socialism (e.g. bail-outs of General Motors and Big banks after the 2008 debacle. Fifty million Americans have about 1/2 of 1% of the national income. Student loan debts exceed a trillion dollars, ordinary housing prices average about a quarter of a million dollars, the national ecosystem is steadily being degraded and species extirpated, one party supports legal drugs, abortion, homosexual marriage and illegal immigration in order to build a majority of support on the foundation of vice. The broadcast media is owned by the rich and conditions the people toward consumption and daily hate of opposition party leaders while providing silly yellow tabloid issues to follow; these are signs of the times of the state of networked capitalism where a small percent of the people own or control most of the nation’s wealth and income.

Even so I would tend to support the opinion that original sin is the root cause of the nation’s social problems and corruption of the efficacy of capitalism for everyone that should serve everyone very well without dark areas of hidden poverty, oppression or ecospheric degradation.





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