USA Number 21 in Rank of Least Corrupt Nations!

We’re number 21! We’re number 21! The United States has something to be proud of- it has achieved being the 21st least corrupt nation on the planet out of 180 nations competing for the coveted first place.

Corruption Perceptions Index – Wikipedia The top twenty nations may regard the United States with a jaundiced eye because of the Democrat Party’s corruption of the validity of the election for the office of President. They have never really accepted the results and sought to overturn the result since 2016 through the Mueller Investigation and interminable adverse relations with the President.The politics of the top 20 nations are complex. I suppose they all jockey for advantages and get jiggy with laws and regulations to advantage this sector or that of their population versus the other nations.Denmark is the least corruption nation today. Apparently they took to heart Hamlet’s remark about something being rotten in Denmark.





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