Build Up Central America, Not Palestine With the $50 Billion House of Glass Plan

Establishing a moon base is said to cost 30 billion dollars. President Trump wants to gather foreign aid for Palestinians in the amount of $50 billion dollars as if terrorists want money more than power. It would be better to build a moon base and invest the spare $20 billion in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and Costa Rica than in the Middle East outside the borders of Israel. The Trump Plan- $50 Billion

Saudi Arabia and its imperials are already rich and could reconstruct Palestine easily with spare change if they wanted to. The Trump-Kushner plan seems wrong-headed and misplaced; Palestinian terrorists are not going to change their opinion about permanent war anytime soon. However the Trump administration has cut off foreign aid to Central America and needs to get a clue about how to rebuild those nations so they are prosperous enough not to have loads of citizens that want to migrate north.

The Central Americans are Americans; the Palestinians are terrorists. If a Marshall Plan for somewhere on Earth really needs to be funded, Central America would be a better investment for the United States. The Middle East should fund its own development; it has boatloads of cash, diamonds, foreign properties and stocks as it is. The United States should not be the redistribution leader in that location; Middle Eastern royals should be down with that themselves.

President Nixon probably would have been sharper on foreign investment than President Trump. Nixon or Sect. Kissinger would have seen the wisdom in building our Central American neighbors better than they were before the wars and communist conflicts, and letting our non-ally Palestinian planetary neighbors get their help from their own Muslim co-religionists. Nixon also would have understood that a Marshall Plan for Central America would help his reelection chances with the Hispanic vote.

Saudi Arabia has given the Chinese the green light for building a vast drone hunter-killer aircraft factory in Saudi initially producing 300 annually for sales to friendly Muslim countries- possibly including Palestine. China is already the largest supplier of killer-drone aircraft to African and Middle Eastern countries. Saudi is already going great guns for investment in China. Hence the United States has no reason in neglecting the western hemisphere and building political glass houses in the desert.





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