England Could Set Scotland Free at Last

If Boris Johnson is elected Prime Minister (of England), Scotland has virtually promised to vote to leave the United Kingdom. That is all good for England and Scotland.


England and Scotland are miles apart, and should remain so. While an open border with Scotland allows those people to freely enter England without inspection, severing England from Scotland would probably keep it that way, and that’s a change for the good.

Without Scotland England can be free to be British without the influence of golf-playing northerners. Scotland would be without a king or Queen and that’s all for the good- unless the British Open played somewhere around Edinburgh is made to serve to provide Scotland a king for a year with the winner of the Open wearing the crown.

Crown could be a word with ancient origin when a crow was worn atop the head as a symbol of power. A crown was thus made to mean one of power. Only Boris Johnson has the possibility of restoring England to its senses as a right independent nation without Frenchmen and Germans dictating what’s what as if they won the last great war.





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