Is Deregulation Useful for the US Economy

Regulation or deregulation, that is the question. Whether ‘tis better to endure the sweeps and arrows of outrageous inflation or understand political philosophy in the darkest abyss that looks back at you? None understand economic philosophy in the major American parties, no, not one. It is as if a restaurateur believed just two items were possible for a restaurant menu; slurried or fried gruel.

One may regulate inappropriate, ecologically unsustainable economic method or deregulate it. The same difference of negative sum strategies work out well for the grateful dead laughing in their graves at the folly of mortal economists kissing derriers of the most rich and attainable a-holes determining the fate of mankind in the humble states of America.

One might want a more rational, competent set of well-intentioned and ecologically literate economic advisers and politicians in power. One might like to remember Chicago the band’s better songs and mid-western picnics and ice cream too if only one have ever lived there.





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