The Democrat Party Should Have Ended in 1865

The Democrat Party is historically the party of slavery. Probably it should have ended following the civil war. The Democrat Party continued as the Jim Crowe party until the Kennedy era when it morphed slowly into a party of socialist thugs with the help of LSD, San Francisco’s Haight Ashbury hippies and Hollywood.

In its present form the Democrat Party is mostly a thug party core with no moral values. It tends to recognize its thug peers transcendentally in imperialism, communism and organized crime. Basically those elements are redistributionist cohorts. Redistribution not simply of wealth; redistribution of social opportunity, intellectual properties and life from the creative and enterprising to ordinary, average thugs.

In times past over the course of history ordinary people were required to liberate themselves from the oppression of concentrated wealth and power. The sounding of the fanfare for the common man was one of individual freedom, enterprise and work for-oneself without royal thugs expropriating the properties of individuals. Today the problem for ordinary individuals is that of organized thugs such as the Democrat Party redistributing wealth and opportunity, enterprise and power to elite thugs organizations and networks from individuals.

It is always reasonable for a Democracy to redistribute concentrated wealth and power when it becomes so powerful as to undermine democracy itself and promote rule by elite thugs. The challenge for a democracy is to prevent thugs of various stripes; royal, communist, socialist, organized criminal gangs, global banks and etc from arrogating hegemonic power over democracy.

Presently the broadcast media is an accomplice of elite and wealthy thugs and ad hoc networks that have built a corporatist edifice with imperialist tendencies. They have corrupted family tradition in the United States and established homosexual marriage. They have flooded the United States with illegal aliens to destroy the power of political self-determination of the electorate. Ordinary Americans earn less in real dollars today than a half century ago.

Democrat Party leaders are generally godless atheist haters of Christianity. Because they are thugs that hate Christianity and the history of the United States because it was not led by the present demographic constituency of the Democrat party, and because that constituency is prevalently neo-socialist at minimum, they have worked against traditional America and promoted globalism and virtually any interest that is not historically a part of the traditional U.S. majority culture. That includes Mohammadans, Communists, Socialist and illegal aliens.

Mohammadanists are thugs like the Democrats. While submission to God is a good thing, Mohammadanism is a thug approach. Democrats are therefore too happy to regard Christianity and Mohammadanism with equanimity as they do also regard Communist Chinese atheism. That approach by the Democrat party has profound, evil effects on the world political status. It aborts decency and salvation unto eternal life for billions of souls potentially. It loses the opportunity for a peaceful, verdant world with liberty and justice for all. It promotes thuggery and spiritual enslavement by godless and even demonic forces of political and spiritual evil.

The Democrat Party is a collective of thugs seeking power for their leaders on the basis of race, gender and perversion instead of working for the well being of all of the citizens. It is a party that should have ended after the civil war.





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