Joe Biden’s Campaign Needs Radical Make-over

Former Vice President Joe Biden’s candidacy for the 2020 Democrat Presidential nomination is floundering on a downward spiral because he looks like the candidate most ready for mummification, or farthest along in the process of mummification. It is because of the contrast of his tanned face and sparse, thin white hair. The Cheshire cat smile is a little too much; great teeth that look youthful and out of place with the hair. There is a simple remedy for his problems; die his hair jet black or electric blue.

Former Senator and V.P. Biden is losing the hair quality race to President Trump who has steadily improved his dye jobs during his three years in office. Forgotten are the orange or cheeto hair jobs of the 2016 election campaign season when democrats had something to hate in plain sight. The President hair is now a little more golden than orange while only Joe Biden’s teeth are improving on the face of the tired candidate.

A complete hair makeover for former Vice President Biden would be shocking. The national and even international media would be all a twitter about it. Some would question the change. Yet it might be better than mummifying the candidacy.

Joe Biden-image credit us gov

President . Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)

Sure, some cynics would note that the electability of a Presidential candidate should be on the basis something more substantive than good or bad hair. Yet if good ideas were the primary factor in electing a President, would either George W. Bush or Barrack Hussein Obama have been elected?





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