No Citizenship Question on 2020 Census? Cancel It

The government needs to know how many citizens are living in the country just like any business needs to know how many workers are at the factory or how many people live in a market area it intends to serve. The government should have an idea how many citizens live here to pay taxes and how many people live here that require government spending to serve them (including illegal aliens). It is so very basic that it is some kind of hate of the people and government of the United States to try to force them to be like mushrooms raised in the dark and fed a load of manure.

If the 2020 census takers cannot even ask if the respondent is a citizen of the United States there would seem to be no reason to take it. It might be cheaper to send such a lame, ineffective dogged-down wet piece of paper to specialists in Russia to complete with whatever fiction they deem amusing.

A public census is made primarily by and for the citizens of the United States. Determining who is physically in the United States and if they are citizens of the nation is a national security question. It is also a question that affects real political-economic relationships such as the minimum wage, the number of poor workers and the number of undocumented workers employed illegally. If one wants accurate mathematical comprehension of the minimum wage scale in relation to the numer of legal workers unemployed, employed, underemployed and illegally employed it is requisite to understand how many citizen or non-citizen workers are present and available for employment.

The Democrat Party trend in support of agreeably flooding the nation with illegal foreign workers is human exploitation at its historical core. If the SCOTUS also supports banning the people’s government from knowing how many people are citizens it is a divide and oppress entity seeking to degrade further the meaning and value of U.S. citizenship for the benefit of global plutocrats.





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