Tough Dirty Job for US Border Patrol

The United States is presently the best place on Earth for criminals from other nations to go to seek refuge. If they can steal enough from their own nation and make it to Mexico to cross illegally into the United States they find a welcome refuge from the Democrat Party- and even sanctuary cities to succor them. Foreign criminals that stay in the shadows can live in the U.S.A. for decades without concern of apprehension if they keep their criminal activities in the sanctuary nation to a minimum. Without any sort of documentation needed the illegal immigrant criminal has a new lease on life.

The border patrol gets a lot of abuse from Democrats that hate them and their work defending the borders of the United States against illegal entry, drug traffickers, human traffickers and the scum of the Earth that hate doing anything legally regarding entry to the United States. The border patrol is accused of hate for not loving the sometimes abusive fugitives they apprehend. Sometimes the dangerous illegals are armed. They are at any rate a never-ending opposition force waging a war upon the border patrol in a sense.

The border patrol cadre is being treated as were Vietnam veterans returning home by Democrats. AOC is something like the new Jane Fonda although she is not alone. The primary difference is that the border patrol isn’t fighting a foreign war, they are defending the United States directly.

Border patrol agents may have to wrestle down the world’s most active, aggressive trespassers. In one recent mass arrest 100 fugitives from all over the planet including Africa were caught. Some of those people are dangerous. A few have knives or guns, some know martial arts or carry disease. Stopping them isn’t a wondrous task. It is not as if they are pampered U.S. Representatives having smoke blown up their ass by the left-wing media.

Because illegal aliens  are not planned in the U.S. federal budget; that is their numbers vary, it is difficult to plan reception and processing facilities for those caught in advance. Senator Booker would catch and release the illegals at best guaranteeing they won’t be returned to their own country. It would be better to find a few closed military bases capable of sheltering a half million illegal aliens if necessary and truck them there until they could be processed by on-site legal authorities for adjudication.

Of course the conspiracy theorists would say that the camps are being developed to put lawful citizen dissidents in by an Orwellian state. That urban legend would be supported by the 5th column democrats that would flood the nation with countless millions of illegal aliens to undermine and marginalize the ordinary working class republicans that experience displacement from the presence of millions of illegals as well as to provide cheap labor for Democrat home owners. The minimum wage might be $50 an hour if there were no illegal workers in the U.S.A. They are a real lever to keep the minimum wage low low while the luxury tax for signing Kevin Durant to a max contract extension would have been 400 million dollars for Golden State. There is a large difference between the political class and the poor worker class.





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