Homosexuality is Wrong Foundation for Scaling Up Human Society

People have the freedom generally to choose between right and wrong. Homosexuality is wrong yet many people and politicians choose it, though for different reasons.

In the beginning there was the Word. He said let there be light, and a Universe got rolling (technically with light after 380,000 years when photons were free to escape extreme heat). With cosmic inflation a template for all being was set into motion. Like the CMB (cosmic microwave background) a corrupt structure was thermodynamically flowing along entropic lines. Mankind would have a special way of reproducing biologically, yet some would choose to put their procreative tools to other, inappropriate uses.

Mankind has the ability to choose to act in accordance with the natural, God given structures it exists within or go wrong. God has provided instructions to mankind for how to avoid going the wrong way. Still, people choose to do so anyway too much.

Homosexuality is like class C felonies for profit (i.e. burglary). People may work burglaries every day of the week, and if highly skilled at it, feel rather good about it. Even so, though they regard burglary or other class C felony as a good and proper way to spend night and day, it is not. People may argue about burglary or other class C felony and ask what is wrong with it- does it say in the Bible that it is wrong, specifically, or isn’t the Bible outmoded or even hateful of burglars and other class C felons too? 

In the heart of the burglar or other class C felon he or she may know that burglary is wrong. Some inner voice afflicts the conscience of the burglar in the small dark hours when the burglar (or other class C felon) is not using opioids, marijuana, meth or scotch whisky to excess. He may fear persecution by legal authorities, so he enlist the help of the politician.
Decriminalizing burglary and other class C felonies is the job of the Democrat Party politician and the left-leaning U.S. Supreme Court. Without the analogy of burglary, the court actual did decriminalize homosexuality and expropriate marriage to transfer all of the rights and responsibilities of marriage (except childbirth) to homosexuals. Though it may be legal in the United States, it is still wrong. Renaming a pig an eagle does not actually put wings on the pig or make it an eagle.
Homosexualty is more appropriate for a communist cluster of maggots in a can eating natural the resource of dead sardines than for a free society expanding carefully, deliberately into space.

Politicians are about the  business of relabeling wrong things as legal things, and breaking things like marriage so they do not embarrass wrong social structures.  Politicians are happy with a corrupt society so long as they are reelected and rich themselves. 

As humanity expands in to space however their may be an Occam’s razor stress test on wrong things like homosexuality; it may die out in the vastness of space as people too stupid to understand right procreative uses of human anatomy become more lost than the rest.

Homosexual marriage should be outlawed and homosexuals made to design their own legal entanglement. Lawmakers then could add to that establishment whatever benefits they deem appropriate. I am not writing here add criminal penalties to homosexuals in the United States. If people choose to be stupid yet not harm the civil rights and freedom of others, then that tends to be just their concern.

Homosexuals have a characteristic of expropriating existing institutions and establishments for-themselves antagonizing a majority of the electorate in some cases. With the help of malapropos elite judicial appointees deciding for evil the homosexual politics choose beligerence over peaceful coexistence generally. When it is possible and practical to leave well enough alone they attack existing structures such as marriage and transfer all of that institution’s legal standing unto themselves instead of building their own, new structures in support of their own wrong sexual practices.

People good and politics with some wisdom might have a trait of getting their own legislation into law without needlessly antagonizing a large portiuon of the electorate. Instead of being offensive needlessly, they think reflectively about how to accomplish their goals without offending others if possible.





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