Racist Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s Latest

Racist Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi

Racist Speaker of the House, the well-known Democrat Nancy Pelosi, showing allegiance to La Raza because they tend her grape fields in California and elect her to office, provided a clever, racist turn of phrase derived from the Trump campaign slogan Make America Great Again. Her libel was to say it meant Make America White Again.

Speaker Pelosi wants to fog the matter of who is living in America. She doesn’t want the government to know how many American citizens their are in the nation.

There is nothing wrong with being white although the Democrat Party has done everything it can to transform the nation into a non-white majority, including support for illegal aliens, lax or no border enforcement policies and so forth. Democrats have made hatred of white citizens a rationale for supporting any sort of external proletariat or internal anti-white movement they can. That works well for dividing the electorate and helping to concentrate wealth and power for the richest Americans.

There is nothing new about decadent ruling classes that support external proletariats or align with them in order to change domestic, national political balances to their personal advantage. From the Roman Empire to the British external proletariats find sympathetic politics from ruling class members heavily invested in proletariat-synergized economics. 

Women in history tend to rise to power in the decadent phase of a civilization, and they too are overly sympathetic with anti-national forces seeking after their class empowerment. Homosexual power is another indicator of national decay; it took women on the U.S. Supreme court to foist the evil of homosexual marriage on the nation as well as a Chief Justice heavily invested in Wall Street corporatism. They are old formulas for national division and disaster that are onerous for anyone philosophically educated in political history to observe. It would be possible to have an actual egalitarian society with liberty and justice for all, yet nations rarely accomplish that. Corruption and foreign factors usually undermine rational, national cohesive development.

The difference between classical historical cycles and the present is that while Democrats with their diminished capacity view politics and demographics of the nation existentially without any sort of awareness of the consequences of their politics concatenated, the ecosystem of the nation does reflect the consequences of increasing population; it is in decline and tough to reverse when an extra 30 million people consuming and searching for natural resources to plunder are added periodically from highly fecund foreign immigrants.

The irony in the border problem of illegal migrants is that people are wicked not only in the Democrat party- they seek to undermine male Americans that are white are generate a female led non-white society, people are wicked in Mexico too.

Mexico is not a good role model for a healthy society. It has a vast amount of organized crime and political oppression. It is one of the more murderous societies on Earth and actually is more of a macho than a kinder, gentler, female dominant society. Flooding America with migrants from Latin America will just make the U.S.A. more of a peonized, wicked, murderous society perhaps with the Venezuelan style of Democratic-Socialist society with rule by goons with a repressive communist ethos.

People have original sin and are wicked everywhere. It requires great luck, intellect, wisdom and faith in the boost of God to get a society to work positively with equal justice for all including U.S. citizens without immigrant parents. Nancy Pelosi’s racism may be useful for her yet it does not promote a better United States.





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