Sen K Harris’s $100 Billion Racist Home Buying Plan for Blacks

Senator and Presidential candidate Kamala Harris has introduced plans to create a purely race-based policy to redistribute wealth. Instead of basing a federal program to support housing for the poor, she has created a plan to support housing for just one particular race; blacks.

At some point Democrats should start following Dr. King’s principles of colorless equal treatment of the law instead of using new empowerment to benefit their own special classes. “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” M.L. King  

Democrats for a couple of decades have created a panoply of financial gerrymandering and flumery plans for their constituency. Instead of supporting federal policies that benefit all Americans based on need or financial caste, the Democrat policies are designed to benefit special interests of their membership. It hardly seems constitutional to tax people without racial bias or exemptions and redistribute solely on the basis of race.

The poor need housing because of financial privation. That class comprises individuals of every race. It is racist to deny the principal of providing assistance for all U.S. citizens regardless of race and to instead prefer to provide financial assistance to just one particular race. Crass, trampy racist programs do not build up the United States. Instead they instruct youth in the ways of racial privilege as a function of political power. That needs to stop, and should have long ago. If the majority of U.S. citizens that need public help to afford housing are black, fine, yet helping those poor individuals does not mean that white, yellow and brown Americans that are equally poor should be excluded.

In gaining rights and opportunities provided by the United States and the consitution, Democrats finding themselves empowered have forgotten or never knew the principal of equal treatment of the law. For the nation to do well in to the future it needs to start creating policy and law that objectively treat all people equally instead of finding reasons to benefit through race and gender special groups treated differently.

All people require the same basic needs of food, shelter, clothing, educational and employment opportunity, security and so forth regardless of race. Federal law should recognize those people and their inability to afford them regardless of race, gender etc. They are all human.





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