Area 51’s Hidden Evidence of Aliens and Russian Collusion

Evidence of Russian Collusion Interfering With Democrat Election Ops May Be Found at Area 51

Democrats have postponed their interrogation of former alien probe Director Mueller until July 24th in order to obtain hidden evidence and crouching aliens from Area 51 of Russian collusion.

The Republican Air Force extreme right wing Strangelovians may have hidden hostage Democrats and numerous missing items from prior Democrat probes that would prove for once and all times that Russian Intelligence has directed every Republican President of the 20th century as puppeteers.

Aliens may have illegally wiretapped fake news humor sites to obtain the microcode necessary for world conquest. Those alien zombies of interest to Democrats known to have influence with Russian intelligence officials may be responsible for secret transmissions from a base hidden deep below the lowest level of Area 51.

The Trump administration has sought to reject the asylum claims the aliens have made  because they passed several galaxies on the way to Earth without applying there. That raised several red flags for the administration because it seemed to them that the aliens were more interested in the good economy and jobs rather than fleeing persecution from something like Decepticons.

After the Mueller interrogation concludes and the former F.B.I. Director is safely exfiltrated to a special bunker at Guantanamo Bay, Democrats of the House will produce the real Alien blue and brown books detailing every reason why socialism was crushed at the end of the Cold War by right wing elements of the K.G.B





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