Becoming a Zombie Democrat

Changing into a Democrat is like becoming a zombie.  One day everyone is normal, then a nation infected with viral plague becomes changed, destructively. After becoming a zombie the victim hates borders and laws, has no sex restraints, believes girls are boys and vice versa for sex purposes and is hardened into godless, atheist, deficit spending. 

Democrats are no longer the party of Americans; they are a globalist plague seeking to take everything they can and join as many as possible to consume unto the limits of their desire. Perhaps it is like the destructive sub-genre of zombies known as lemming zombies that rush infected in masses gleefully with delight over the edge. Nothing matters.

                                                 “I respect no borders”

America may be the easiest mark for agricultural takeover on Earth as the electorate are rubes ready to give away their country to the highest bidder or alternatively to adverse socialists, illegal aliens, the entertainment industry and the ultra-rich with their leverage. The Democrat Party is a global, unAmerican, foreign center-of-effort platform these days.

Democratics believe white American males are pigs and should be politically slaughtered so foreign teams of masses can take over the nation to benefit the future globalist-corporatist-socialist utopia. The Republican party is the only major American party remaining and they have a vast number of top-loaded, rich globalists trickling down crap on ordinary Republican interests. Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden said recently that he does not respect borders.





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