President to Gang of Four; America- Love It or Leave It

The Democrat Party depends upon racism for content these days. They never pass up an opportunity for pejorative interpretation of anything a Republican says including President Trump. President Trump tweeted that his frequent critics in the Gang of Four; Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Ilhan Omar of Minnesota, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ayanna S. Pressley* of Massachusetts, should return to the nations they or their parents came from as immigrants and fix those. Those nations have less than optimal social environments that could stand improvement. That comment was interpreted loudly by the liberal media as purely racist. Actually it is a reasonable idea. * Ms, Pressley probably should have not been included in the tweet since her country of origin was Ohio. She has only come to resemble something of an alien, as a result perhaps, of living in Boston and working for the famous politician Kennedy and Kerry.

The President probably believes that the gang of four are overly socialized in their former country’s (or parent’s country) cultures, and that they should not expect the United States to conform to the values of those foreign cultures. That is a reasonable expectation. If they were to return to their recently parent nations and make them more like the United States, those countries would benefit as much as the United States by their work.

America; Love it or Leave it. That is one old bumper sticker slogan. I never liked that much. There is much about America that is hate-worthy yet one should try to fix it rather than leave the country because there are so many robo-calls and bad wait on hold music on the phone these days.
U.S. Congress persons probably should try to improve their countries of origin during breaks from Congress when they can. It would be beneficial to the United States and foreign countries if American politicians worked to improve foreign nations they have some relatives in as well as the United States, Actually they might do less harm to the United States if they were gone more and inflecting their political machinations on foreign countries.

The United States has a reasonable culture, or did before Elton John took over broadcast radio the last decade. It is working to eliminate racism and work better with oppressed blacks and has done so since Eisenhower sent the 101st Airborne to integrate Little Rock;’s public schools. Unfortunately the Gang of Four does their best to throw fuel on the fire of racial division in the nation because they represent new racial and religious groups increasing in numbers. They are smart enough to exploit the old black-white racial issues to the benefit of Latino and Muslim internal proletariats increasing by the millions. They do tend to have external proletariats they sympathize and work with anyway; Latinos even have support from Democrats that would like to unite the internal and external Latino proletariats by ignoring the inconvenient US-Mexico border.

President Trump has a challenging political situation to deal with. It would be better if he was more eloquent rather than blunt in his manner of speaking, yet it is difficult to have a literary quality lexicon in living amidst spiritual crude, rude and disingenuous political opponents.





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