Tariffs and Pork Politics

It’s an interesting question; how tariffs affect pig exports. China already owns one in four U.S. pigs. Because of global overpopulation and decreasing land for growing food and other global warming and ecosphere decline issues, food may be a serious problem in just a few decades- China is expanding overseas. U.S. grown pork at Smithfield provides potentially as many as 33 million pigs for China annually.America may be the easiest mark for agricultural takeover on Earth as the electorate are rubes ready to give away their country to the highest bidder or alternatively to adverse socialists, illegal aliens, the entertainment industry and the ultra-rich with their leverage.

The Democrat Party is a global unAmerican, foreign center of effort platform these days. Democratics believe white American males are pigs and should be politically slaughtered so foreign teams of masses can take over the nation to benefit the future globalist-corporatist-socialist utopia. The Republican party is the only actual American party and they have a vast number of top-loaded, rich globalists trickling down crap on ordinary Republican interests. Democrat Presidential candidate Joe Biden said recently that he does not respect borders.That development occurred during the Obama administration when China bought Smithfield Foods.

China is the world’s largest pig producer. It is possible that tariffs on China offset because of Smithfield. That may benefit American owned pork producers not owned by China. Alternatively China may dump its American pork in the United States and export fewer to Shanghai. Pork prices for consumers would then drop in the U.S. with pig over-supply, or pig producers might look to Mexico and Canada for increased sales to get rid of the glut of fat, juicy swine.How China purchased a prime cut of America’s pork industryHow China Became the World’s Largest Pork ProducerVast corporate farms and industrial pork are not your mom and pop little pig farm on the prairie with Arnold roaming about a couple of green acres. That means the ultra-rich and communist elites increasingly control planetary food supply.





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