Turkey May Transfer N.A.T.O. Air Defense Secrets to Russia

Turkey should never have been made a member of N.A.T.O. N.A.T.O. aircraft and air defense systems have classified, proprietary signaling tech that identifies them to friendly forces and distinguishes them from opposition force aircraft and air attack technology. With Turkey’s turncoat switch to allegiance to Russia and its S-400 air defense missiles they have exposed both sides to needless danger.


Turkey will be in a position to reveal N.A.T.O. air attack and defense secrets to Russia and possibly transfer Russia technology and secrets to N.A.T.O. President Trump might subvert the subversion by asking Russia to join N.A.T.O. without letting Democrats know about the plan.

One might wonder if the U.S. Supreme Court act to force homosexual marriage into the law of the nation is beginning to pay off in foreign policy defection of allies to presently heterosexual marriage only international alliances. President Duterte of the Philippines – and atheist apparently, has selected Chinese Huawei for its national tech infrastructure.


Britain has selected Allan Turing to be the face on a fifty pound note. Turing is a post-life famous homosexual often credited for breaking the Germans enigma code machine. Actually Turing continued Polish scientific work that broke an earlier model of the enigma code machine Nazis used for communication during the Second World War. Britain has been a promoter of global homosexuality. They and most N.A.T.O. countries have become a queer alliance offensive to many nations.





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