When Do Federal Probes into Democrat Leaders for Salacious Dirt Start??

The Democrats want release of the full Mueller Probe in hopes of finding useful dirt on President Trump that might help Democrat prospects for the 2020 election. When a dubious probe finds nothing criminal to charge an incumbent with why should the material be immediately released to the public and not classified at least for a reasonable time to prevent it from being used for what are corrupt political advantages?

The Justice department could conduct capricious probes on leading Democrats for a couple of years and release or leak details, innuendos and smears interminably and then release the full probe with whatever material they can find to the public before the election in 2020 as a progress update. Such work just seems wrong, even if investigators could determine what American families’ ancestors were harmed by the slave owning ancestors of Beto O’Rourke and Kamala Harris en passant.



The full Mueller Report should be issued in four or five years to minimize its potential value as an immediate partisan political lever.





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