Media Spin of Colored People’s Globalism vs White Nationalism

The media spin on President Trump’s Twitterstorm attack(there should be some kind of Nordic or German term for that to make it sound really thunderous, dark and such with turbulent waves and Vikings) on a gang of four “colored” (to use the media term of the moment), obnoxious Democrat Party Congress women that incessantly attack President Trump is that the President is racist for telling the colored women to go back to where they came from (overseas nations of themselves or their parents) if they hate the U.S.A.

The President’s verbiage against the Gang of Four comprised of two Muslims, a Palestinian, a Somalian, one from Kennedystan and another from Puerto Rico (a neo-alien territory that disdains becoming a state) was not too surprising since they have attacked the President nearly non-stop hatred of his effort to stop illegal immigration. 

Unfortunately the non-Fox broadcast media have interpreted the comments as entirely racist as if the President was telling all non-whites to go back to where their ancestors came from. He was referring just to the gang of four however, and his position was one of pro-nationalism and continuity for the United States as a free and independent nation instead of sliding into the corruption of political globalism without meaningful borders and some such as former Vice President Biden and the Gang of Four would seem to prefer.

The media has made nationalism associated with racism. They often refer to “white nationalism” conflating a genuine racist movement with white people that are simply nationalist yet not racially exclusivist. The flip side of the absolute value of a conflated white nationalism term is colored people’s globalism in which all non-whites are free to migrate anywhere on Earth the economy is good to take jobs and become racially dominant (globally). Hence colored people’s globalism is as racist as the trope ‘white nationalism’.

Nationalism is a good for a healthy nation and bad for a nation with a rotten economy. Nationalism is good for Democracy and bad for socialist, imperialists and plutocrats. Scientific atheists tend to hate nationalism. In a purely detached scientifically objective viewpoint God is not observable or measurable. In that scientific paradigm human beings and society may be regarded as one might observe small insects. No human opinion is of value; they are phenomenon to be measured and the strength of the delusion evaluated. Political and social institutions are merely evolved paradigmata that may be replaced or substituted without harm, as a chemist changes molecular elements in formulae.

George Washington had a different opinion. When he resigned his military duties before congress he said; “

I consider it an indispensable duty to close this last solemn act of my Official life, by commending the Interests of our dearest Country to the protection of Almighty God, and those who have the superintendence of them, to his holy keeping.”





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