Signs of the End of World Civilization (or not)

Who is Accelerating the End of Civilization Now?

The late general historian Arnold Toynbee wrote in his final work- Mankind and Mother Earth, that there is just one global civilization today. There are numerous signs of its impending collapse such as over-population, declining ecosphere health, moral decay and a profusion of weapons of mass destruction. There is no necessity that it collapse of course.
Average human beings are encouraged to consume resources and the environment can’t support that. It is possible that technology and good political leadership will insinuate humanity into an improved and sustainable economy that restores environmental health while strengthening individual human and civil freedom. That seems improbable though.God has plans for humanity that are not entirely visible from a human point of view. The roadless areas ahead may be His purpose to conserve what remains of natural wildlife on Earth, and even the oceans, from destruction by unintentionally human economic activity.

Without strong nations with secure borders and stable populations it is difficult for an electorate to be educated in environmental economics and upgrade national infrastructure to a reformed foundation of sustainability. It is ironic that the Trump tariffs have helped slow the rapid rate of Chinese economic expansion and consumption to its lowest level in 29 years at something more than 6% annually.

Most U.S. led left-leaning ecospheric tokenism reform movements are fronts for socialism-especially global socialism, without borders or meaningful infrastructure upgrade. The trend toward planetary immorality and increased consumption doesn’t seem likely to reverse course.





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