The Real Meaning of the Presidential Tweets to the Nation of Immigrants

Did President Trump Tweet Any Actual Racist Terms?
President Trump has been accused by the media and Democrats of making racist tweets. Yet he apparently did not use any actual racist terms such as the N word. He did not refer to them as darkies. The Democrats pejoratively interpreted the tweets as racist because the four harpies attacking the President interminably aren’t white people. Instead they are named ‘women of color’ by the media and Democrats- (colored used to be considered a racist term during the 1980s and 90s).

Colored people was condemned across the U.S.A. as a racist term in the era when the politically correct term black people became standard. Later the term black people was replaced by the more politically correct Afro-Americans, though black never became regarded as racist except perhaps by heroin users and elite Democrats.

If colored people is not a racist term, yet suggesting that political adversaries of a nation of immigrants go back where there ancestor immigrated from for a while if they hate the U.S.A. is racist, then it must be that the phrasing rather than the words are interpreted as pejoratively racist. Women of no sense is equivalent to women of color- one is offensive and the other isn’t. The distribution matters; if all women are regarded as having no sense it is quite a bit different from twitting that four particular women have no sense.

A tweet suggesting the Gang of Four go back to where they came from if they don’t like it in the U.S.A. is not implicitly racist. Democrats for decades have insisted the nation is a nation of immigrants. That means every American besides aboriginals have some foreign country to return to if they don’t like it here.

President Trump implicitly acknowledged the citizenship of the Gang of Four when he said they could return to America if they liked, after they have finished repairing their own dysfunctional countries. The countries of national origin of the Gang of Four (or their ancestors) all have histories of terrorism. Puerto Rico had an active terrorist separation movement in the 70s, Somalia and Palestine are actively terrorist, and Boston had the marathon bombing.

President Trump has returned to the nation- Germany, where is ancestor came from, and probably couldn’t make it any better. When he suggested the Gang of Four go back and look at their own nations of origin- there is a tremendous amount lacking for good society with liberty and justice for all in addition to a reasonable standard of living. Puerto Rico could be regarded as an exception perhaps. I am sure there must be something to improve in Puerto Rico though, if one were to look.

Immigrants from nations with cultures and standards of living inferior to the United States should temper their hatred of the U.S.A. I would guess that was the President’s unabbreviated meaning of his twits-for-others, in-themselves.





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