Just Search for the Spirit (novella free download)

Farley Mowatt wrote a book about the Irish discovering America before the Vikings- who basically followed them across the North Atlantic as predators. The book was named; ‘The Farfarers- Before the Norse’.

The Farfarers: Before the Norse: Farley Mowat: 9781883642563: Amazon.com: Books

His idea was that there was a race of short, dark people- the Albs, who were perhaps from Malta originally and that migrated north and west to Portugal and Ireland before following fishing grounds across the North Atlantic. It is logical, for the Irish certainly inhabited Iceland before the Vikings. The Vikings slaughtered the Irish monks that lived there when they arrived. Leif Erickson was, I seem to recollect, an outlaw that was kicked out of Iceland for victimizing other Vikings that were colonists. Viking outlaws probably sailed west to found East Bygd and West Bygd Greenland before going farther west in pursuit of the Albs who had already exploited virgin fishing and hunting grounds.

I wrote a novella named ‘Just Search for the Spirit’ a year or two before Mowatt’s book, that had a journey from the Irish across the Atlantic and North America on their way to Hokaido following the 54th parallel north latitude- the same latitude as the oldest neolithic structure in the British Isles at Newgrange Ireland. Just Search for the Spirit, unlike Mowatt’s book, is primarily science fiction- combining some historically valid theory with time travel and politics.

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