Dealing With the 2019 Alaska Ferry Boat Union Strike

It was a terrible time to strike, with the state budget already cut so far. I recall talking with a guy from the Philippines via Las Vegas who had arrived to work on a ferry- he asked for directions in Juneau. The marine ‘highway’ system has its own interests in mind rather than those of Alaskans.

The Marine Highway union barricade (strike) is equivalent to a state disaster affecting thousands of Americans. The blockage of an international highway should merit federal action to keep it open. It could even be regarded as worthy of FEMA relief management as a disaster caused by a Union.

Is it possible to get Coast Guard or naval reservists to run a few boats while the strike continues in order to not impact everyone’s business? What about hiring a private firm to go from Ketchikan to Hollis and use the existing system to Northeast P.O.W. to Wrangell? If there was a permanent shuttle from Wrangell to Mitkov Island that would at least allow most of the southern half of S.E. to be accessible via land and boat.

Then a northern boat from Petersburg to Juneau to Sitka could circle, and a Juneau to Haines-Skagway. Three large boats and three shuttles; not too many to improvise crew for. Probably there should be one boat to Kodiak from Whittier- so four large boat altogether.

Unions may coordinate with global socialists to do the most damage they can to the Alaska and U.S. economy. The ferry union has international connections. What if there is collusion with China or Canada?





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