Democrats Reflect Nazi Approach to Gun Control

Gun control in Nazi Germany helped implement the Nazi policy of exterminating Jews. With pervasive social disarmament, groups targeted for elimination by the 3rd Reich had few weapons for self-defense. A book was written on the topic of Nazi gun control. It is named Gun Control in the Third Reich.

Democrats like to politicize mass shootings by lunatics in the U.S.A. in their effort to disarm all U.S. citizens to render them subject to bureaucratic dicaturs. Good politicians work to actually understand and fix problems facing their constituency. Democrats alternatively work for foreign interests as enemies of the United States seemingly.

Democrats work to sustain the inflow of illegal migrants to the nation. That causes social dislocation in the U.S.A. and cultural problems that did not exist before. Democrats attack the administration for trying to halt the illegal entrant flow into the U.S.A. with a border barrier and increased security. Democrats won’t fund wall construction and instead criticize the emergency detention facilities and seek to have lawyers appointed to represent poor illegal migrants that are arrested. In short, Democrats do nothing to repair and reverse the damage to the United States from illegal alien migrants and instead support the illegals as if doing things legally is wrong. Democrats collude with foreign entities and illegal aliens seeking to takeover the United States by the millions.

If Democrats continue to promote the flow of illegal aliens into the U.S.A. occasional conflicts and continuing political problems are very likely to continue. Democrats feel they benefit politically from the phenomena and have no interest in stopping it.

Statistically, with 320 million Americans and tens of millions of illegal aliens in the nation the infrequent mass shootings are statistically insignificant in comparison to the risk of millions being killed with a disarmed society, loss of national liberty and evils of a vast oppressive government such as existed in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

The El Paso Wal-mart shooting was a sad commentary on the way some youth respond to empirical political challenges. The El Paso Super-center has had some famous crimes before, such as disappearing kids, that Democrats don’t sensationalize.

While some Democrats would be happy with a Chinese style oppressive government, some Chinese lose their lives demonstrating for increased freedom. as in the statistically insignificant massacre at Tiananmen Square June 4 1989.

 El Paso and southwest Texas can be tough places; demoralizing places, for some white people to live. Some are affected worse than others in a kind of polar opposite to the northern darkness depression phenomenon. Mild retarded nerd syndrome may increase. Hot and desolate, full of counter-culture Spanglish-speaking Mexicans with a culture of crime nearby over the border. When I attended Ft. Bliss schools in 1989 there were numerous sensational crimes reported in the local paper. Human body parts were strewn on the freeway, a massacre at a bowling alley in Las Cruses and in the meanwhile hundreds of women were disappearing in Juarez adjoining El Paso. 1990

Everyone knows that flooding a nation with a different race and culture is the cause of social anomie, chaos and disorder. Sympathetic elites do not experience the blunt end of racial displacement; they encourage it. Perhaps the U.S. Government should sue the Mexican government for the cost its illegally entering citizens bring to the United States, for each and every crime they have perpetrated in the U.S.A. and for the cost to federal, state and local governments.

A free society allows liberal gun ownership to defend freedom against the threat of bureaucratic dicature and purging of the gunless from life. Some collateral damage is a cost of freedom.

An interesting point for conjecture concerns the tens of millions of illegal aliens migrating to the U.S.A. during the Democrat Party era of jellyfish will toward comprehensive border security; what would be the consequence on world overpopulation in the future if the Latinos or Chinese become a racial majority in the U.S.A. illegally?

Latinos would be racially motivated to increase their numbers in order to have more political power in the United States perhaps driving the population to a billion in the 50 states. Chinese becoming a majority would copy that number and expand in Latin America too with another billion before conquering Africa with another billion. World population would reach 15 billion before tapering off next century more or less.





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