NATO Would Be Better Off Without Duplicitous Turkey

Turkey Declares Enmity With U.S.A.- Boot it From N.A.T.O

Apparently Turkey’s P.M. has declared the U.S. to be an enemy for supporting Israel. Turkey has plainly chosen Russia as it’s arms supplier and military friend rather than N.A.T.O. The United States should sever diplomatic ties with Turkey and boot it from N.A.T.O. Russia-Turkey Joint Helicopter Production

Turkey is still something like the Ottoman Empire in its attitude toward other nations. It is also a Muslim state with fundamentalist tendencies. Plainly it is an enemy that should not be trusted. The only reason to allow Turkey in N.A.T.O. to start with was its opposition to Soviet Communism. Since Turkey has moved to the Russian side in support of Russian goals for Middle east hegemony through an expanded Sunni presence across the Middle East and North Africa in order to reassert an Ottoman Empire-like presence , that day has long passed. Turkey has long range goals that are in conflict with those of the United States, some of N.A.T.O. and free people lucky  enough to be free of Muslim government.

Actually N.A.T.O. has dubious reason for existence. With the Turkish defection to Russia’s sphere of influence, the French neo-neutrality of an historical character during the Cold War, and the pacific and treacherous English stance, not to mention Western European nations that hate any sort of U.S. militarism, N.A.T.O. would be better phased out as a security threat to the United States.

Turkey may buy Russian S-35 fighter jets in the future. They are a very good aircraft. Besides not being a nation with homosexual marriage, Russia is a friend of China; Turkey can buy all the cheap things it needs from China to satisfy its consumers.

European nations should pay entirely for whatever defense they believe they need. Germany should have a chance to rearm and defend itself against Russia if it wants to. With a more active European role with Russia that does not involve the United States the relationship between Russia and Europe might work out better, equalizing to a sustainable balance.

Forming a coalition of the willing to counter global dangers might be more useful than being bogged down in the security leak that is N.A.T.O. If Europe again becomes a threat the United States can deal with that later. If countering Chinese expansion requires multi-state remedies again a coalition of the willing might be more effective.

Allowing Turkey to benefit from allied defense between Europe and the U.S.A. is a mistake. Turkey views the Middle East through Muslim eyes envisioning an Israel that does not exist. It would be far better if Turkey did not exist and Greece reclaimed Constantinople.

Turkey’s purchase of Russian air defense missiles plainly was taken as it views N.A.T.O. and the U.S.A. as a threat to its power goals.

Israel is a permanent friend of the  United States. Russia should regard Israel as a friend as well, rather than Muslim states that one day may nuke Moscow in the hope to converting Russia to Islam. The administration in Washington D.C. is not too warlike; rectifying the relationship with Turkey may need to wait until a former General is elected to the White House.





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