Rep Elijah Cummings’ District Got $16 Billion from Feds in 2018

Congressman Elijah Cumming’s 7th Congressional District in Maryland got $16 billion dollars from the U.S. Government in 1018. That is not a small amount of money. One would think the condition of the 7th district is reasonably well known or the federal Government should not be spending so much upon it.

Click to access Dist_7.pdf

If there is much illegal drug use, and many derelict houses, garbage strewn about and unsafe streets that most Americans would be uncomfortable walking on after dark, that should be manifestly known to those that investigate the concern. The President is either correct or not in disparaging the home district of one of his most vociferous critics. 

If the district actually is in good repair with a low crime rate, and if the Congressman has brought spending to his district that catalyzed average national employment rates within it, if there are few visible areas with garbage strewn about and illegal rug use is not common then the President owes the Congressman and apology. If it is in a sorry state House Speaker and others owe the President and apology for calling him racist for pointing out the faults of the work of one of his major attackers presently, for he was only speaking the truth.





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