Tighten Up Canadian Border Crossing Too

Canada has fairly loose, importunate standards of immigration. Not that one should care what canucks do implicitly- it is just that they comrpsie a threat to U.S. security.

Canada is something of a shill for British policy initiatives such as homosexuality, drugs, imperialism and destruction of an independent United States. Not only should a wall be built that keeps illegal aliens out of the United States, it would be a good idea to tighten up Canadian entry into the United States in order to secure the back door to the U.S.A. that allows evil to enter from that vector.

Canada has been something of a tradition frenemie status that requires increased vigilance to defend against. Mapleville has very cheesy politics with  luny spin regarding the interests of democracyand ordinary Americans that still want a storage unit of their own free from international terror. Canada is an aloof critic that mocks Americans from a safe haven of incipient socialism.

Irresponsible Canadians media scum sometimes throw mud at Americans that support democracy and nationalism labeling us fascists. They condition their minions for sycophantic speech. No one that takes democracy seriously needs that. I hope the Pentagon has a plan for Canada in the event those neo-Communist imperialists go too far in support of transnational terrorism, evil and alignment with adverse foreign interests.





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