U.S. Parties are Happy With Status Quo Evolution to Socialist-Corporatism

Their are all kinds of change a democracy can make. In reference to global ecosphere destruction, neither party really wants to change things much. Each support the Wall Street consumption-expansion ethos with the major difference being that democrats are racists, sexists, homophones and socialists while Republicans seek to concentrate wealth for the most rich.

Both parties support the repression of free speech of actual new and innovative ideas. Democrats control the major social media through homosexuals and other radicals that want to censor anything they believe is politically antipathetic. Republicans of course are Wall Street and admit what Democrats they need to for increased profit. The world may go to ruin but those that are rich will get richer. Democrats can at any rate keep flooding the nation with illegal aliens, develop socialist corporatism and end the U.S.A. transforming it to a globalist socialist-corporatist entity.

Progressives of the Democrat ilk are something more like regressive going back to quasi-Marxism as the fix-all for patching things. Reforming capitalism within Democracy and free enterprise paradigms can repair the ecosphere faster and more efficiently without piling up government debt; that needs direction though. Intelligence is required and lacking in both major parties because they lust for power and wealth in the existing way things are.

Between corporatism and communism the quest for wealth and increased consumption tends to doom the future of the world ecosphere. One imagines that some day in a century a world population of too many billions will just crash down to a billion more or less. Prospects for rational adaptation by society in general are improbable since the most greedy, avaristic kind of people have so many trillions invested in the existing way of doing things.

The green new deal was a socialist ply that addressed just global warming. That is a problem yet so is flooding the U.S.A. with cheap labor immigrants to help raise the population and consumption higher.

The United States facing challenges from enemies within and enemies without. N.A.T.O. is somewhat anachronistic and binds the U.S. to Europolitics too much. Meanwhile the ecosphere declines, population of humans increases and democracy and its advantage of a marketplace of ideas is buried under the power of Wall Street and Beijing’s Grand Hall.






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