Drunk Drivers Kill 10,000 People Annually; Mass Shooters About 70

Where is the outrage over drunk drivers that kill more than 10,000 Americans every year? Automobiles are killing machines in the hands of alcoholics and dope users. Mass shooters since the Obama administration average killing 50 to 100 Americans. For some reason an alcoholic crashing head on into a vehicle or crowd splattering bodies doesn’t merit the same media sensationalism or calls to ban cars and trucks from U.S. highways.

Drunk drivers create mass casualties too. Sometimes they hit a van or run a truck into a school bus  killing more people than at the Wal-mart El Paso shooting. The media has an attitude about mass shooters and guns that it lacks with drunk drivers. They want to ban guns. Remember though, When bottles are banned only babies will have bottles. Guns defend free societies against elite media, apparachiks and rulers that disarm citizens.

Nearly 500 criminal aliens are arrested for homicide each year in the U.S.A. They are a far greater threat to Americans than mass shooters. The media attacks the President and calls for gun control over 50 to 100 people killed annually by mass shooters, and those are an order of magnitude smaller than the murders illegal aliens commit. The American media and Democrat Presidential candidates are ostrich-sloths on the issue.

Time published a chart of the history of mass killings in the United States the past 37 years. Notably, Democrat President Clinton and Obama were drivers for increasing mass shootings in the U.S.A.

Before President Clinton mass shooting numbers were small- usually in the single digits. During the last year of the Clinton administration that number jumped an order of magnitude to 57. President G,W. Bush saw a rapid decrease in mass shootings back to the traditional single digits- and then President Obama took office.

President Obama had several years with large numbers of mass killings; more than 50. His final year in office had 71 fatalities from mass shootings. President Trump has had to grapple with that number himself. That number is about the new normal, except for the year of the Las Vegas shooting when 117 people died under the gun.


Plainly the Congress needs to take action to stop the mass shootings. More people die in one day from automobile accidents that a few years of mass shootings, and something should be done about that too. Congress should build the wall, keep new illegal migrants out and compel law abiding migrants only to be the rule. Society need have a chance to stabilize, eliminate poverty and increase education and ecospheric health.

Drunk drivers continue to slaughter innocent Americans, yet Democrats haven’t sought to ban cars. Why not more outrage about the mass casualties that do occur now and then?

Seventy-Thousand Americans die from drug over-doses each year-nearly 2000 each day. Fewer than hundred Americans die in mass shooting annually; Democrats hate on soft targets that would disarm Americans and make them hapless cattle for rich socialists.

What can be done is to stop electing Democrat Presidents, for they are catalysts of hate and violence.



With fewer than 100 people killed from mass shootings annually as the new normal for the U.S.A., the risk of disarming citizens taking that path that leads to the vulnerability of 320 million people instead of 100 is a greater danger. Complete arms control has been the normal state of affairs for dictatorships such as exists in communist countries and socialist dictatorships such as that of NAZI Germany.

About 1000 people are killed every day in U.S. automobile accidents. Those deaths are preventable with state of the art, innovative mass transit networks, yet for convenience people choose not to care. The media sensationalize the deaths of 70 to 100 Americans annually because it makes good news headlines. There is risk involved in both automobiles and gun ownership. Guns however serve a real purpose of keeping society free from oppressive criminals. Guns don’t create global warming- automobiles do.




Without guns citizens cannot defend against jackbooted thugs that pound on the door in the dark of night. People shuffle off meekly to extermination camps. Jews later burn eternal flames at memorials. Contented socialist elites examine statistics for whom else may require liquidation.





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