Police Cars May Need Custom Paint Jobs for Race Relations

America’s urban police cars may need custom paint jobs to promote race relations. Bland mono-color or bi-color cars remind too many of the 1980’s, or maybe of the 1940s. Green dragon designs, glow in the dark marvel custom screeds, black panthers and purple people eaters; that may be the sort of thing that young people inclined toward racism and violence could find nauseating or inspiring alternatively.

A Spitfire fighter aircraft motif could be effective in El Paso, or possibly a Honker Goose for Yonkers could bring people out to throw cash at policemen instead of water.

Possible motifs- American flag, desert taco, camouflage (six varieties), clouds, burglar, Texas steer with bull horns, Chuck Norris, Stephen King special, Mae West, Red Neck Special, The Jango, Martha Washington Cherry Pie, Chessboard, Black Stone and Apes 2001, Twin Towers Commemorative, Solar System, Dwight Eisenhower, commercial advertising etc.

The Democrat Party is racist. It is not pro-American and about strengthening Americans, its borders and the people that live here. It is anti-white, pro-illegal alien invasion and racist. Its political methods are racist. It opposes traditional American symbols. Civic law enforcement agencies should not be flat-footed inside-line defenders against all of the corrupt swill inertia of the Democrat Party and Hollywood. They should modernize and upgrade to contemporary semiotic symbolic representations- good artwork paint jobs to convey pro-American values for-themselves.






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