The Rain of Collapsology

Collapsology is a study of contemporary anthropology concerning the theoretical collapse of industrial and post-industrial civilization. It is a sky is falling field of human concern. The late Allan Watts wrote a book named ‘The Wisdom of Insecurityyet too much is enough already; one should not fire one’s guns until there is a real rather than an imagined enemy at the gate.…

A world of possible collapses certainly exist. One might experience the collapse of civilization, or the atmosphere with a cobalt bomb, or the oceanic health with acidification, or of humanity with a viral plague, or of the temperate environments of the planet with global heating. The U.S.A. could have a financial collapse. The Democrat Party could collapse national morality and flood the nation with illegal aliens to replace vestigial Americans that are pro-nationalist rather than global socialists.

The collapse of most life on Earth from the eruption of a super-volcano would be something to worry about for those easily prone to collapse rumors. The space program and lunar base development could collapse and global recession set in with a dicature of the proletariat’s favorite Harvard alumnus taking leadership.

Entering into dark chatonic labyrintian channels of intrigue with the dark light at the end of the tunnel being merely illusory is something to be concerned about. Good leadership can fix most problems, yet bad leadership is required for really substantial national problems. And that bad leadership requires support of Harvard and Hollywood, billionaires and the broadcast media all pulling together to bring a good old fashioned economic art nouveau collapse to materialize. Anything is possible. Even the Lakers could win the 2020 NBA title. Gradual environmental decay, overpopulation and bad zoning and unsustainable economic methodology, and illegal alien surges that render rational political sentiment superfluous appear larger drops of precipitants of potential collapse.






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  1. joannereedauthor Avatar

    The world economy would collapse and maybe the environment wouldn’t f a significant number of people were to realize and then act on the realization that it is possible to enjoy many if not most of the things that they enjoy without first having to own them.


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