Some Want to Alienate Natural Born US Citizenship Paradigm

Too  many silly people in the political arena seeking to restore aristocracy, tyranny and all of the things that go with it bring up the topic of getting rid of the natural born citizen. Certain weenies cannot enforce  control of border security and imagine a bureaucratic, paper solution would serve very well to compensate for their incompetence. They wish to strip Americans of citizenship if they were just born in the U.S.A.- perhaps they should be a member of some exclusive club to be a real citizen, or have a million dollars invested in Wall Street.

Leave the native born citizenship issue alone forever. It is the sole paradigm for true citizenship as far as many are concerned. Naturalized citizens are always a little suspect of divided loyalties, as might a double agent turncoat. No human can choose where they are born though- nation of birth is a true test for citizenship in a nation. If some object because they want to keep anchor babies from being dropped inside U.S. borders they should enforce border security and immigration criteria such that no opportunistic predatory births are dropped on American soil.





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