Speaker Assonance vs ‘Moscow Mitch’

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi should quit acting like a juvenile with the liberal use of derogatory epithets for Republican leaders. Moscow Mitch is just wrong, dirty assonance. What if Senator McConnell referred to the Speaker as ‘Puta Pelosi or Speaker Assonance‘? She is a mouthpiece for the illegal alien invasion of California. Grow up Nancy.

Since the Obama era the Democratic Party has evolved out of bi-partisan legislation towards one of pure partisan force. Democrats were first to use the nuclear option to pass partisan legislation. They rely more upon technical congressional leverage to force their own agenda forward than anything else that would require bi-partisan support.


The basic tactic for the Democratic Party these days since the Obama era is to use the White House to appoint partisan judges who will force their agenda forward; legislating from the bench. The balance is to use executive orders from a Democrat President. President G.W. Bush importunately appointed a Wall Street corporatist judge- Chief Justice Roberts, who enabled Democrats to corrupt the nation as he determined which way the financial winds blew.

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