Enemies of Israel Have No Reason to Expect a Red Carpet

When a pair of Muslim malcontents were denied admission to visit Israel recently some Democrats were upset. Some thing happened to some people and they cared about it. They had no good reason to be miffed except for stupidity and the expectation of U.S. privilege to trample on any nation’s interests they desire.


Obviously not all U.S. politicians are hacks and enemies of select nations itching for opportunities to stir up evil if they can get inside, yet some may be.

Michigan and Minnesota are as much to blame for electing radicals that are out of touch with the historical stance of Americans as friends of Israel as the Representatives themselves for seeming anti-American as well as anti-Israel.

When Israel relented and gave permission to Rep. Tlaib to visit her grandmother if she promised not to organize terrorism or intifadas, the representative decided not to visit.

As a practical matter U.S. Representatives should not expect to be well received if even allowed to visit nations they have expressed obvious hatred and malevolence to. The eagle and stars and stripes do have some prestige, well, a little except maybe in the Democrat party in some places, yet wrapping themselves in a flag so they can have a chance to subvert foreign nations isn’t a reasonable expectation.

During the Reagan administration the subversive Canadian author Farley Mowatt was banned from visiting the United States. Actually I like Mowatt’s writing such as I have read of it (Never Cry Wolf and Before the Norse. One must wonder though, in comparison to Talib and Omar, he seems fairly tame. Would many nations actually want Tlaib and Omar to visit? Perhaps Vladimir Putin or Kim Jong Un would roll out the red carpet for them?





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