Unarmed Hong Kong Protesters Will Face Crushing Chinese Power

Hong Kong has had a spate of civil unrest with dissidents protesting mainland Chinese imposition of right of extraordinary rendition of citizens of Hong Kong to distant prison and black sites. I suppose it could be held as an example of state tyranny when citizens are disarmed and have no real capacity for armed resistance against state corruption.

In the United States 10,000 people are killed annually by drunk drivers versus 100 killed by ‘mass shooters’. The media and Democrats flail about seeking to disarm American citizens to prevent the death of 100 yet say nothing about taking away cars and booze to save the 10,000. That is because tyrants and dictatorships prefer passive cattle without ability to protest the feed lot conditions that peers with guns that support democracy and a fair tax rate on the rich so they cannot become oligarchs or royals.






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