In Your Heart, You Know Democrats Want Absolute Power

Democrat Presidential candidates are generally, vastly clueless about how to fix anything wrong with the country. Instead of fixing a single important item they advance grandiose schemes with the devil in the details; they just want vast powers to spend more money on a dozen large issues without having a clue how to fix a single one.

Democratic approaches increase size of government, ossify economics toward a socialist and corporatist mileau, and degrade individual liberty under socialist power. Democrat party directed thought and speech control is reinforced through Hollywood and media propaganda conditioning of the public.

The cash bail problem is one such issue. Bernie Sanders brought it up as a part of his grandiose prison overhaul agenda. Fixing the cash bail problem is an important and worthwhile venture; if only anyone had an idea about how to actually eliminate cash bail and find some better replacement.

Democrats in the House plainly have the power to pass some reform of cash bail bill. The problem is they seem to have no interest in actually doing so-why?

Take Rikers Island for example. As I understand it, people arrested for something might not be able to afford cash bail. So they stay at Rikers Island for maybe six long months being victimized by prison gangs, while they are awaiting trial. That isn’t justice and it also costs money and takes up space to incarcerate citizens needlessly. What is the solution to that? It requires quite a bit more than pompous abstract schemes, it needs specific remedies.

Democrat candidates have brought up the issue of private prisons too; they want to abolish them. *

Another issue is patent reform. Patent exclusivity for decades limits competition. It makes drugs too expensive; it slows human technological progress in a time when that is really needed to overcome demographic swelling and eco-habitat degradation. During the Obama administration I wrote about patent reform numerous times, as well as suggesting they pass a law to give tax incentives to hire those out of work first, and of course nothing was done.

Patent reform would enable inventors to continue to receive profit from their invention after it became public domain in three years from patent award. Existing patents would grandfather in and remain exclusive for twenty years after the law was reformed. 

Inventors would receive a 10% royalty from anyone manufacturing and selling the invention thereafter- even drug companies would profit from generic production of their expensive to develop drug. The more companies that produce it, the more people that buy it, the greater would be the profit from royalties. There would be an incentive to produce the drugs most for the most prevalent illnesses first.

The Green New Deal was another grandiose and wrong Democrat plan. It would tie up trillions of dollars of public money in a wrong investment and preclude investing in alternative plans that would be useful. Free enterprise is the best tool for solving economic problems. Capital is a byproduct of free enterprise. Democratic socialists seek to redistribute resources at government fiat, and implement wrong environmental policies while ossifying the economy and making it difficult for free enterprise ventures to adapt to cohere within ecological economic rationality. How often do Democrat candidates use the phrase ‘environmental capital’?

Free enterprise is a great tool, and capital is a good byproduct, and all that is need to direct it toward resolving ecological economic challenges is good regulatory management by intelligent politicians. A political leader should understand environmental economics, classical economics and social philosophy and value theory well enough to be a capable of advancing the reform of capitalism through measure that would provide incentives for sustainable programs, good land use, intelligent building design and efficient resource use while restoring the health of the environment.

That may sound difficult. Yet there are some that are qualified. Looking to hoary socialism or putting manacles on free enterprise will simple advance repressive government despotism, tyranny and eventually dictatorship of some authority while the world falls into more desperate times.

* For Profit Prisons- Corrupt or Not?
Fundamentally arresting the innocent or violating constitutional rights of individuals for the economic advantage of the corrupt seems to be the largest problem. Yet I disagree that privately operated prisons are inherently evil, though I am no expert.

If the Judiciary were privately run then there would be an enormous problem that ends democracy I would think. Yet private contractors responding to government contracts should create efficiency, and the contracts need not be extended if their performance was poor.

Maybe the largest problem is that the government writes poor contracts that don’t reward private prisons for performance or take away money for high recidivism rates. Prisons that produce excellent ‘graduates’ should be rewarded.

The private sector is supposed to produce better products or services through competition and the profit motive. If government officials writing contracts are stupid or corrupt they wouldn’t even know what sort of results to reward or penalize.

Governments like to expand in size too. Government jobs are fundamentally the best-paying and safest bet for ordinary people to work for with good retirement and health benefits, good pay and easy hours. Building more public prisons staffed by union workers is very expensive and difficult to change or close too-probably more difficult to shut down than a private prison.

The corruption of the old south before the end of peonage, involuntary servitude, share cropping, work gangs and reconstruction era neo-slavery in for-profit subjugation was a terrible offense against democracy. Plainly history shows that different cultures merging can be brutal and slow to change. Before modern technology it was challenging even to communicate well from city to city for many people. That social isolation allowed the corrupt to flourish and corrupt organizations to prosper. Nearly all human social organizations seek to increase in size and power. People occupy roles in organizations with inertial drive seeking to be materially rewarded and secure.

Free enterprise given some liberty to experiment with the means and methods to deliver select reform criteria may produce better results than government thinkers that have largely failed to generate satisfactory results so far.

Many have noted that drug dealers often called low level go to jail a lot. No one has commented that illegal mind-altering drugs cause brain damage in people, and that altered brains and thought can drive people to commit crimes-even if they are not drug sales crimes. Stopping the epidemic of brain damage; opioid use cause brain damage and even marijuana is believed to damage white matter-the corpus callosum connecting the haves of the brain together.





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