Greenland Sale to the USA-To Be or Not to Be?

President Trump recently expressed an interest in  buying Greenland. There are 50,000 people living in Greenland, and each might decide to sell if given two or three million dollars. Just 100 billion or 150 billion to the United States. Would they actually want to sell for that so industry could mine it after the glaciers meltdown thanks to global warming and fossil fuel vehicle exhaust?

Initially I was thinking that Greenlanders might want a trillion or two for Greenland- maybe 20 million apiece from a trillion. I suppose its a reasonable offer rather than giving them California if all of the Californians were to move to Boston.

Royal Danes of Hamlet could then refer to people that live in the former city of San Francisco. They could worry about pollution and over-population more comfortably while Greenland is being savaged by rapacious developers. Going north may be the future, yet some sort of ecological economic program for a national economy within a free-enterprise reformed version of capitalism directed through regulations to intelligent design for sustainable economics could be more cost effective.

Greenlanders might want to be recalcitrant about asking too much from America- I can’t be sure that a debt marker for a trillion or more from the U.S.A. really ever would be paid off; if you decide to accept, take the cash payment up front and invest in something stable like bitecoin.





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