The Evolved Democrat Party is the New Racism

Racism is the core of the reformed Democratic Party. It is a logical and inevitable development following the demographic lines and corporate preferences for mass marketing sales and a dumb consumer society. Support for illegal immigration reinforces Democrat Party racist demographics.

The Democrats are not alone in being a party fundamentally antipathetic to white middle class males and traditional American social values. Wall Street also is globalist and a complete disrespecting manipulator through the mass media and Hollywood agencies of socialization. All of those classes and internal and external proletariats that are not the historically white middle class or white rural Americans vote against white candidates and in preference for non-whites whenever they can. In the 2008 and 2012 presidential elections black Americans voted more than 95% for the black candidate and President Barrack Obama.

Wall Street is happy enough to practice creative destruction on white Middle America and to promote values that work best for billionaires. Creative destruction of the white middle class redistributes wealth upward to the rich networks with fingers in every pie. Any economic chaos loosens properties and securities with some going into those global service networks, refinancing, and duplicate purchases of replacements. Though rich white people lead in practical measures the direction of the Republican Party they are fundamentally antipathetic to the interests of white Middle America too. The long term outlook for white people in America is not good.

Republican leadership on the high court worked together with Democrat appointees to force homosexual marriage upon the nation. Homosexuals and non-whites are the long term Democratic Party core. Of course they have a majority of white American women too, yet just a simple majority, for not all are so historically illiterate as to comprehend contemporary history.

It is interesting that the first two Muslims elected to the House of Representatives are outspokenly against Israel. Muslims are also, in the long run, and anti-white middle America element who will work with Democrats to change the nation to a rather confusing yet ignorant global populace mixed up with a zillion entertainment items and tech. Averageness intellectually will prevail through ubiquitous reinforcement of entertainment content instead of intellectual content that is a threat to absolute political control of the nation in the unified corporatist-socialist consumer society. Independent ideas are inconvenient.

In an intensely populated mass demography with invasive, pervasive mass communication and fairly easy money for most citizens (yes many are left out-maybe 50 to 75 million from don’t earn easy money) that is consumerist what is left out is individualism and intellectual excellence in the social sceinces and humanities. Wall Street values dominate and the Democrat brand is anti-white and homosexual. Those values are reinforced with pejorative use-truths and anti-nationalism, incessantly.

Thus the Democratic party is no longer one of ideas- that is good ideas. It is superficial and gives some token interest toward environmental issues yet ties those in to socialist redistributionism at the same time. The party is one pursuing cultural change to promote their constituency to insider position in politics even if they are devoid of good ideas and intelligent thought.

There isn’t anything that would change the long term direction as far as I can foresee. Practical ideas are unpopular with Democrats too. President Obama did make the Bush II tax cuts permanent after all.





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