President Peace Monger

President Trump faces some tough prospects because of his growing record as a peace monger. He is the first President since Ronald Reagan that hasn’t got the U.S. involved in a new foreign conflict. That kind of reputation will make him an easy target for Democrats who traditionally know how to get international conflicts started.

The economy is good yet Democrats are agitating for doom and the chance of recession in order to fix it themselves with a Democrat President. The public debt is great and Greenland won’t bail out the U.S. Government with undiscovered gold veins and diamond pipes under the ice amidst volcanic flows.

The President does seem to rate a flunk at environmentalism yet the public itself should do more to design business and construction activity that restores a healthy wild ecosphere rather than displace and erase it. That requires intelligent thought- and the public should not rely on the illusion that spoiled crats would do much in office besides host celebrity galas at the White House and create homosexual hegemony to help erase boundaries and any good sense in the nation.

Because the Democrat Party is all in with illegal migration to the United States the population actually could double in 30 years from 320 million to 640 million putting the lie to the idea of conserving the ecosphere.

At least staying out of a new protracted war may be one benefit (of course Iran, China, or Canada could attack at any moment requiring national defense) of re-electing the President in 2020. It is kind of an interesting thing to have the chance to watch Donald Trump to see if he can keep up his activity level and tweeting four years more. I would rather be sailing that interacting with the media in his position.





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