The President and His ‘Disloyal’ Jewish Voters

President Trump commented about Jewish voters being ‘disloyal’ because more than 80% voted for Democrats in the 2016 and 2018 elections. Republicans support Israel much more so than Democrats who harbor anti-Semites such as Representatives Omar and Tlaib. President Trump recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved the U.S. embassy there; a bold move of support for the Jewish state. President Trump is correct in his sentiment, yet he fails to recognize that Jews are somewhat paranoid globalists that distrust white people as a result of European history. Jews haven’t good sense when it comes to political matters outside Israel. They are good at making money.

Jewish support in the United States is largely from white Christians; a group that make up the core of the evangelical branch of the Republican Party. Without White evangelical support Israel hasn’t enough support in the U.S.A. to perhaps continue to exist. The Democrat Party really would cut off aid to Israel eventually if it becomes too powerful, non-white, anti-Christian and Muslim.

Many American voters continue in a 1960s era paradigm. Jews were liberals joining the Hippie-era Democrat party in opposition to the Jim Crowe South and southern conservatism generally. Needless to say that is a very different and somewhat historically remote paradigm from the political facts of life, Demographics and income allocation regarding races and time-in-country now.

Jews trust globalism, Wall Street and the power of Hollywood propaganda embedded in contemporary corporatism, democratic socialism and globalism wherein they can thrive through investments. Some of the historical mistakes that led to two world wars devastated European Jews are repeated in the United States insofar as the political facts differ from the beliefs of political social reality. The differences lead to results out of phase with what was expected.

If ever there was a nation besides Israel that Jews could be loyal to, it is the United States. It is a nation founded on the principle that all men are equal, and upon ideas rather than a racial tribe or royalty such as one finds in most of the world including stilted Europe with pride in degradation and allowing Muslim moral leadership to develop within their dark abyss.

Media slander of conservative white Americans associating them with NAZIs is disgusting for those of us with a parent who served in the Second World War. Without white Americans the NAZIs would have won. Without white Americans the constitution would not have been written. White Americans have conserved a semblance of world peace such as was possible the better part of a century. A peace with as much freedom as possible. It is difficult to imagine any other racial group or nation that would have even been interested in anything besides domination, repression and corruption as was usual most of human history.

With Jewish liberalism reinforcing migration of Muslims to the United States and atheism, flooding the nation with illegal aliens to reduce the imagined threat of white Americans being a latent NAZI  element who would force them into crematoria, that historically wrong judgment brings real emergent threats that exist in Democrat and global corporatist-socialist trends into effect.





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