The Electoral College is Correct for the U.S.A.

The electoral college protects state’s rights. States are given electors according to their Senate and representative numbers. It is pat of a brilliant and accurate design to permit a federal system to function while letting states keep a substantial element of self-determination.

What is the Electoral College?

There are complete idiots in the Democrat Party that would abolish the electoral college and let concentrated urban populations in a few states determine the winner of Presidential elections. States need proportional election of the Chief Executive as well as the Congress.

Another alternative reform, if the electoral college were eliminated, would be to allow every state to have two Senators and just three representatives in order to allow democracy to flourish in each state on a level field.

With elimination of the electoral college state’s rights would essentially disappear as a federal executive and congress composed of urban proles passed whatsoever plundering laws they liked to extract anything of value from the less densely populated states.

Why Democrats Want to Abolish the Electoral College—And Republicans Don’t

One better reform than abolishing the electoral college and the states would be to let the states be free to leave the union altogether and keep a loose confederacy. The large urban center dominated minority of the states would be allowed to keep the federal government and its public debt.





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