Why Leftists Spin Hurricanes Toward the Right

Why leftists hope Hurricane Dorian will hit conservatives? The answer’s easy.

In the Northern Hemisphere hurricanes spin from the left (counter-clockwise) to punish the right as best as can be worked. Conservatives are like the calm at the eye of the storm around which leftist radicals fueled by the warm waters of the broadcast media circle in a hateful rage. Plainly a sunscreen at L1 need be constructed at and launched from a moon base to dampen increasing global heating and leftist chaos storming while time permits.

Leftist Coriolis forces are driven with bi-polar vector capitalization in pursuit of thermodynamic redistributionist goals. Equalization storms of temporal hurricane strength occasionally arise even though astonishing permanent Bush 2 tax cuts from a Left President sometimes drop all political direction like infiltration with a cold, occluded front.

What Is Coriolis Effect? How Does It Affect The Hurricane Spin?





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