Y A Senator Warren 2020 Win is Inevitable

Senator Warren’s victory in 2020 is almost inevitable. She is the sole candidate able to accomplish all of the Democrat agenda if she is given a Senate to go with the House ensemble. I will enumerate a few items from the bucket list.

1) Flood the nations with 4 million more illegal aliens the first term

2) Add a few trillions dollars to public debt with medicare for everyone

3) Add a few trillion more with a special Green Rube Goldberg global warming remediation mandate

4) Sign a new deal with Iran giving them everything they need, with less for the U.S.A. this time

5) Force Dictator Kim to the table to give up his ensemble of miniaturized nuclear weapons made from the W54 design

6) Force Vladimir Putin to recognize Ukrainian independence while giving up the Crimea

7) Bring peace and love to all of the people Republicans have oppressed

9) Confiscate all guns in America

10) Get rid of the electoral college votes of the red states to let the wisdom of the blue choose

11) End use of the word ‘felon’ in criminal proceedings

12) End any sort of use of offensive language in America and the Internet with careful union screening and censoring out of all the bad language and ideas.

13) Fill the Supreme Court with leftists

14) Increase taxes on the rich to 75%

15) End the return to the moon program

16) Create titles for uralcrats with more than a decade of federal service, and a table of ranks

17) Expand socialism to let the government have a seat on every corporate board.

18) Prove with new testing that she really is a lineal descendant of Pocahontas

19) Add a 60% carbon tax on oil corporation extractions at present West Texas Intermediate Crude price

20) Outlaw abortion after the third post-parthum trimester

21) Appoint Beto O’Rourke Ambassador to Mexico

22) Build a Hollywood liaison and party planning suite in the West Wing

23) Establish a $12,000 guaranteed annual income from the govmint for all registered voters

24) Eliminate all unemployment in the U.S.A.

25) Return the economy to a new normal 1% steady growth pace after a corrective crash

26) Bring requisite evolution classes to all public schools and demonstrate that inferior pace of evolution brings resistance to Democrat agenda, xenophobia, faith in God etc.

27) Democrat Party Evolutionist lawyers will prove Dem Party is the one for intellectuals and Republican aka ‘Red’ party is of non-intellectual dummies with CEO puppet-masters.





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