President Trump is Working a Taliban Appeasement Policy

President Trump’s effort to cut a peace and mostly retreat deal with the Taliban seems too much like an appeasement deal to let the Taliban return to power. The President’s betrayal of Afghan security forces looks pretty bad. The United States doesn’t need another Vietnamization of the war policy failure- though in the case of Vietnam it was the best choice perhaps remaining.

President Trump should establish strong defrappe bases in several areas of Afghanistan that are designed by engineers for good security and look toward a special air force of small drones to police the nation. Twenty thousand soldiers in permanent bases to provide security and reinforcement for non-Taliban Afghan forces ought to be enough. The United States has been in Europe since 1940 and no one is calling for complete withdrawal. In fact the President recently expanded troop deployments in Poland- a location that is unlikely to have an invading Russian Army any time soon, and where they can enjoy sausage and beer off duty.

Central Asia has a lot of racists and America haters. It is a  location from which defense against China, should they attack the United States perhaps with hundreds of suitcase nukes on drones, would be practical for containment of expanding Red Army elements. More so than Europe, American forces in the Eastern hemisphere have a purpose in serving in Afghanistan.

President Trump should drop the Taliban appeasement plan, and reconsider his appeasement plan of the North Korean Dictator too. The President could establish a permanent new branch of the Army called the Afghan Corps that would return those interested in serving their for a decade if they wish. It could have Marines serving in the same Afghan Corps units as the Army- and perhaps be more accessible to foreign enlistment for service.

The Trump appeasement deal seems designed to try to influence Democrat voters to check his box in 2020 since Republicans might hate the plan already. The President might indicate support for legal dope smoking in the military too if he goes even further toward looking for Democrat voter support.

 Iran must be really worried now that President Trump is showing such a willingness to give the enemy whatever they want.  Iran must be really worried now that President Trump is showing such a willingness to give the enemy whatever they want. The Afghan appeasement deal seems like one a hopeful rube would make; a rube silly enough to believe the Taliban won’t actually purge regular government forces and take everything for themselves. Maybe the President is turning toward Rand Paul libertarian isolationism. President Obama would have been roundly criticized for an appeasement policy deal with the Taliban.

A commitment to Afghanistan for the long haul is required to police it from radicals and to assure those that partner with Americans that they won’t be left to twist slowly in the wind when the desire for instant gratification by U.S. politicians is thwarted. Those that choose to work with the United States for the benefit of their nation and themselves, as well as in support of U.S. interest in security, have a life-long exposure to victimization by the Taliban. If the United States once again betrays those that trust it, that can’t be good for the prospect of seeking future alliances that might be required.





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