Yellowstone Security and Power Project

A Yellowstone super-volcano eruption is the largest clear and present threat to life on Earth. Billions might perish from famine in a global cooling period that would follow. It is not too soon to innovate ways of controlling the development of an eruption; perhaps with heat relief from exploiting the geo-thermal power resource of Yellowstone.

The Yellowstone magma reserve underground has the energy to create enough electricity to enable a national electric vehicle in-line power grid. Removing all of the nation’s fossil fuel cars and replacing them with electric would be a good way to reduce greenhouse gases.

The down side of exploiting Yellowstone’s geothermal power is that it might induct more heat from down below and precipitate a super-eruption.

A number of other factors could make the super-volcano erupt sooner than expected…

That includes unforeseen plate tectonic activity and meteors from space striking some area of the surface sending shockwaves along.

At the least the US Government should form a scientific committee to investigate all of the variables and constants about the super-volcano to discover how it might be safely harnessed to produce electric power. There is so much heat that salt-water could be siphoned from the Pacific in pipelines and evaporated to make freshwater for agriculture elsewhere in the nation, after passing through turbines to make electricity for the nation auto grid. It might be possible to refill Lake Bonneville and other water storage areas and develop agriculture with irrigation across much of the S.W.  It might be quicker to siphon saltwater to Deming New Mexico and create a border canal with double covers to spill it in and evaporate-condense on the lid to desalinate it as it flows in locks east and west. There is no harm in getting more bang for the buck with a better than a fence boundary security barrier with millions of gallons of fresh water for agriculture, drinking and recreation in Arizona, New Mexico, California and the Sonora desert. Perhaps both methods should be invested in with research at the least.

image credit- National Park Service





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