President Trump’s Consistent Foreign Policy

U.S. Foreign policy has remained fairly constant the past two years. What has changed is the emergence of characteristics of the policy initiatives in Iran, North Korea and Afghanistan that show a certain variegated approach toward bellicose rhetoric and military disengagement.

President Trump has directed negotiations with the Taliban that excluded the lawful government of Afghanistan and the media reports they are close to reaching a deal for the United States to withdraw half of its troops right away and possibly more later in exchange for three promises or wishes the Trump team asked. President Trump seems to have short-term profit strategy in his foreign policy, yet with Afghanistan long-term commitment is required to create a Taliban-free culture that isn’t a coordinating center for Eastern hemispheric terrorism.

What would have happened if the United States had allowed the Nazi party to return to Germany in 1963? The answer probably is that today it would be run by the 4th Reich of Nazis. Germany required a half century before it really changed, and Afghanistan will require a century more or less of U.S. garrisons working with the Afghan people before it has a culture that can co-exist with the west (although the west need be tolerant of Muslim moral norms generally and should not expect to coerce those to change).

The President’s North Korean diplomacy with North Korea is good, yet bad because that nation continues to develop nuclear weapons and systems to deliver them. Since China was saturated with W-54 small nuke technology by the Clinton administration’s allies, and as Pakistan has that too, there may be a deep feeling that portable man and drone carried nuclear weapons are a thing of the second world’s future so they can play around with the western leaders until the time is better for changing balances. I wonder if President Trump has any awareness of that, if it is so.

President Trump has expanded U.S. ground forces in Poland at their request to defend against the Russian menace, that is more of a result of Democrat party insistence than anything else, that bad relations with Russia rise, that the Ukraine was usually not part of Russia and Russians should have no interest or claim on it or the Crimea. If Germany does not require U.S. forces to make sure that young Adolph II does not seek to be the Chancellor, some of those could be shifted to Afghanistan to garrison it for a century to make sure the Taliban does not let a profusion of terror training and bomb making underground clinics arise amidst the mass stoning of women that were westernized and lynchings of anyone that worked with the United States.

Iran has been given sanctions (as has Russia) and stern warnings, yet nothing will follow that. President Reagan walked softly and carried a big stick while President Trump has a boastful mouth and threats that are like one huge, dark cloud passing in the summer desert sky. He is fundamentally a man of profit and peace with recalcitrance to spend on fighting- wars are costly. Still, some defense allocations are necessary to keep the peace, rather than rash withdrawals or commencement of hostilities.

With illegal immigration from Latin America and elsewhere over the southern U.S. border the President has shown a consistent approach of defending U.S. national interests. As the Chief enforcement officer of the U.S.A. he has worked to stop illegal entry into the nation. 

China policy has also been a consistent program to require Chinese compliance with equal rights and normal responsibilities of trading partners; primarily the United States. The President has used tariffs to enforce the policy as well as other measures. Prior President were loose with China trade policy and a lot of U.S. business relocated to China. That trend developed so far that much U.S. manufacturing capacity was being lost.

Analysts have said that the policy of Wall Street was to have tech employment on the American coasts, flood the nation with illegal aliens in the center to keep wages down and manufacture things in China. The President has resisted that apparently, though he too is a billionaire. His foreign policy is consistent enough.





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